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Falcon One Aerial Imaging Offering quality affordable aerial video and imaging services. Commercially certified, FAA registered aircraft and insured. Call 828-301-0340.

Why Aerial Imaging: To give your marketing images a new exciting perspective, a bird’s eye view. Professional Video fly-by of residence and property combined with high quality background music and video effects will excite your buyers and impress your clientele. Falcon One is a new local business offering quality, affordable, aerial video/ photo services. FAA Commercially Certified Pilots and drones. Video and image editing included with each shoot. If you desire to do your own editing we deliver the raw data on DVD or Memory Stick. We will strive to give you the best possible Aerial Video and Still Photography with outstanding customer service and quick turnaround. Current Equipment flown is a Quadcopter with onboard 1080p High Definition Camera/ Video.


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This year has been a nice surprise, with our business increasing steadily. This time last year we were pretty stale. This year business is up 30 %.

What Happens When a Drone Hits an Airplane Wing? – AINtv

For those hobbyists out there and even some of you Commercial Part 107 Holders, that take a nonchalant attitude towards the possibility of your drone being in the path of a civilian or commercial aircraft- you need to watch this video.


With hundreds of thousands of personal UAVs currently in public hands, the question of will a serious drone strike on an aircraft occur, is no longer a matte...


If you are under the impression that Aerial Imaging is something that is either way out of your price range or something only for Realtor's. Think again!! Most of our projects price under $200. So if you were considering imaging for marketing your business, selling your house, getting a better over all view of your construction site or development or you want to capture some unique shots of a special moment such as a wedding or family reunion...just give us a call and lets talk. 828-301-0340 [email protected]


It's been a great summer, even if the weather has not cooperated, a-lot of new clients. Hoping to keep it rolling on thru the rest of the year!!


We are now offering for sale on our "Portfolio" page some of our images we feel may be appealing to the public.

Anderson McNair General Contracting

Video we created for a well known General Contractor showcasing one of his designs to help those looking to build on a small footprint lot.


Anderson McNair General Contracting presents New Construction Maximizing available space on a Small Acreage Footprint.+


We are actively seeking Sponsorship for our business to help bring us to the next level. This sponsorship would be for new equipment only! If anyone is interested or knows of a company(s) that may be interested please contact us. Your sponsorship will be placed on our website as well as on our vehicles and noted on our branded videos on YouTube.


So the weather has NOT been cooperating the past two weeks!!! Rain, rain, rain..... So we run out like crazy people at the first sign of sunlight. Its May... enough with the April showers already!!!!!!


So this month has been a very interesting and exciting month for us. We not only have been farely steady with our Real Estate Aerial Imaging side, but we have picked up a National Land Broker through Dronebase.io as well as selected to join a small group of pilots nation wide for Percision Hawk's Enterprise Division to help handle Insurance aerial inspections for roof and structure damage. Keeping fingers crossed🤞🏼 that this keeps going.


Flying a UAS in the mountains is much more challenging then flying over flat terrain such as Texas or Florida.

First you need to understand that we are not only piloting the aircraft, but we have to simultaneously be the cameraman as well.

Secondly, here in the mountains you are constantly having to adjust your altitude because the terrain is usually climbing upward or going down into a valley.

Third, the wind.... you could have 8 knot straight line winds approaching from the West, no big deal normally over flat terrain, but when those mild winds hit the side of the mountain range and climb up and over to the Eastern side, they tumble and spin. So now you have gusting rolling turbulance coming down ontop of your drone and your location, which without notice could slam your drone into a tree or the clients building.

And last, as most drone pilots find out, Birds of Prey do not like drones but they do like to attack drones. Yes I have had 3 different flights in which a lone or a pair of Red Tail Hawks have attacked my drone. Luckly we were able to retrieve the drone all 3 times.

So when you hire a professional Aerial Photographer keep in mind that getting those incredible dramatic shots takes a pilot with an artistic eye and the experience to manuever that aircraft and camera into the right position while watching wind, weather, terrain, wildlife and sometimes even manned aircraft.... (mic drop...lol 🎤)


It has been an up and down winter season for us. We have had more flights thankfully than we had anticipated for our off season. Looking forward to spring and summer and praying that we will be very busy so we can upgrade our equipment and maybe even bring on a few employees.


We just recieved our restricted airspace waiver from the FAA allowing us to fly around the Class D and C airspace close to Asheville Airport, Fletcher and Mills River.


Fall is beginning and we are hoping for a colorful fall season so we can capture some incredible video and stills for our clients. We are also getting ready to launch a crowd-funding campaign so stay tuned for that.

SUMMER NEWSLETTER Check out what we've been up to this Summer
SUMMER NEWSLETTER Check out what we've been up to this Summer

SUMMER NEWSLETTER Check out what we've been up to this Summer

Fall is just around the corner and summer is coming to an end. We have had a nice summer helping a-lot of you and your fellow brokers with Hi-Def Aerial Still Images and Videography to aid your MLS Ads to reach that next level. We have partnered over the summer with MVP Marketing’s Mike Maloney for…


Aerial footage of 11 Echo Lake Dr. Fairview NC- this footage will be combined with interior stills and videography in a collaborative project between us here at Falcon One Aerial Imaging and MVP Marketing to help sell the clients home.



Have had a great summer of Real Estate projects, but we are really trying to land some Commercial contracts either in construction, building and structure inspection, or cimematography.

Joint video project between Falcon One  Aerial Imaging and MVP Marketing.https://youtu.be/W7b9xppU5wM
1779 Pisgah Hwy, Candler, NC

Joint video project between Falcon One Aerial Imaging and MVP Marketing.


Take a high definition video tour of this beautiful property for sale: 1779 Pisgah Hwy, Candler, NC This YouTube channel is M.L.S. compliant for non-branded ...


Business is picking up thankfully. We have been busy this spring and summer doing Real Estate video's for Trillum Properties, Keller Williams, Caldwell Banker, Clay Real Estate as well as Contractors and individual property owners.

Falcon One Aerial Imaging - Professional Drone Pilot | Droners.io
Falcon One Aerial Imaging - Professional Drone Pilot | Droners.io

Falcon One Aerial Imaging - Professional Drone Pilot | Droners.io

Locally owned business offering high end affordable Aerial Imaging. FAA Certified pilots, FAA Registered Aircraft. Serving all of Western North Carolina and beyond. Real Estate and Commercial.


Locally owned business offering quality affordable aerial video and imaging services. Commercially certified, FAA registered aircraft and insured. Video and image editing included with the service.


242 Pete Luther Rd
Candler, NC


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