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Headshots by Josh Headshots that work! You walk into an audition. There are hundreds of other actors who all look like you. You glance the room and they all seem so confident.

You are nervous. You glance over your lines. You know you can book this. Only issue is your headshot. It is sub-par. It is poorly lit and horribly composed. Now you are really nervous. Why did I let my friend shoot that! Professional Headshots are a small investment to make in your career. A true pro knows how to use natural light (a MUST for headshots) to capture and enhance your features. You on

ly get one chance for a first impression with the higher ups who want to hire you. Choose a pro. Choose Working Headshots. All shots are done by DP and Photographer, Josh Stevenson and all are held up to his crazy high standards.


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Headshot tip of the week:
Find a photographer that makes you feel comfortable. A good photographer can make the lighting and composition look great but you will never look incredible until you are comfortable in front of the lens.


I just wanted to post a few thoughts on the importance of a professional headshot.

Many actors think that a headshot is a superfluous expense. One that brings very little value to his or her arsenal at an audition. The problem with that thinking is that many casting directors, producers, directors, etc. that see you at an audition, only see you for a few minutes at best. You become lost in a sea of faces.

I have been involved with castings and know how this works first hand. I have seen bad headshots and good ones. The good headshots always seem to come along with a more polished and professional actor. One who tends to understand the business better and also tends to be a better actor. The good headshots helped to burn that actor into my memory.

A good headshot will not make you a better actor. That comes from experience, dedication and talent. A good headshot will, however, open up doors that would have otherwise been closed. Remember that a headshot is an investment, just like taking acting classes or paying someone to edit a reel. It is a part of the business you are a part of.

So if you're serious about your career, hire a professional. Even if it's not me, invest in yourself!



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Hi there, my name is Josh Stevenson, I just started this page as a way to separate my headshot business and my main photography and DP business. I've a been shooting headshots for years now so don't be fooled by the "newness" of this page.

This album is an example of actors I have worked with in the past.

This album is an example of actors I have worked with in the past.


Los Angeles, CA


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