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Completely new, redesigned, higher quality and more exciting page remodel is coming your way ! Also keep an eye out for, it's almost here !


Changing my entire page design, launching my new website and updating re-edited higher quality pics along with new content ! What do YOU want to see next ?


New York is awesome. Cool photos coming soon :)


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Setting up photo shoots around LA! New content coming soon !


A Montreal album coming soon !


Good Morning from Montreal, and Happy Easter to all of you !


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Wrapped up 3 shoots for the week and 2 more next week ! Some attractive, artistic, sexy and artsy pics coming your way !


Taking a trip to beautiful Big Bear mountain here in California this weekend. Expect some new awesomeness !


Project "Darkroom" has been initiated ! I will be updating you guys with pictures as it goes along. Being shot all over the world ! First stop, Canada !

In the mean time, Instagram: ArmenKeleshian


Merry Christmas too all my friends around the world ! May you all be in full health, always happy and surrounded by love and family !

Cheers !


Thank you for all the birthday wishes guys ! I love all of you and thanks for the support !


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Who's ready for "Darkroom" ? Also going to have a competition with a very valuable giveaway ;) stay tuned !

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Who's ready for "Darkroom" ? Also going to have a competition with a very valuable giveaway ;) stay tuned !

Meanwhile, catch me on instagram: !


New project called "Darkroom" coming soon !

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Get ready to experience San Francisco on a different level tonight ! Exclusive Alcatraz pictures coming your way ! ;)


I'm back, on my feet, behind my camera and shooting !

I have A LOT of edited photos to be posted online along this week.

Also I'm currently working on a new project called "Darkroom". I'll be releasing all the info about it soon !

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Hollywood Arson Project

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This is a side project from Jeff, Troy and Mario from Serj's band !


Formed in 2012 by drummer Troy Zeigler, bassist Mario Pagliarulo and guitarist/vocalist Jeff Mallow, the band was born of their work together in The Flying C***s of Chaos, a.k.a. the F.C.C., (backing band for singer Serj Tankian). Their collaboration brought a 2012 European tour and the release of their self-titled EP early in 2013.

Their paths ultimately diverged but Mallow carries the torch forward with the help of drummer David Nieto and bassist Paco Nieto. In late 2017 the trio began writing new material together and in 2018 they recorded Madness Guiding The Masses, which is to be released on February 26, 2019.


I'm taking my photography to a new direction. You will still see pics of artists and bands and those will be updated really soon, but you will also start seeing FOOD, HALLWAYS, PATTERNS, BUILDINGS, MODELS, CARS and everything else I'm able to capture for you guys !

Please share the page, I'm about to go BIG ! 180 Degree transformation.


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London pics going online NOW !


Who's ready to see London 2012 BESIDES the olympics ?


More System of a Down news coming soon ! Share the page ! Thanks for the support !

Also new pics TONIGHT !


System of a Down are planning to release another album in around 2014.

Here's what I was shooting in Lebanon this summer :)
Mix FM's Biggest Summer Concerts Ever - Video Recap

Here's what I was shooting in Lebanon this summer :)

Mix FM brought to you 3 MEGA concerts in less than ONE MONTH! - Jason Derulo & Tinie Tempah with Special Guest Jeremih - June 15th (7 thousand tickets sold) ...


Hey guys ! I have a lot of photos to be uploaded along this week !

Get ready, there's a beautiful LONDON album coming your way !


Who's ready for some Enrique Iglesias, Evanescence, Tinie Tempah, Jason Derulo and Jermih pics ? ;) They're almost ready !!


Tonight I'll be shooting Enrique Iglesias in Lebanon ! This is the last of my concerts that I'll be shooting here ! All the pics from the previous concerts and events will all be uploaded together once I finish editing everything !

It has been the craziest summer in my life so far, but thanks for making it way easier with your support !



Los Angeles, CA


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