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Mel Pierce Camera Since 1946 Mel Pierce Camera has been serving Hollywood photographers with excellent prices on photo We can be found at

Mel Pierce Camera is located in the heart of Hollywood California. Founded in 1946 first as a repair facility for the working photographers of Los Angeles, we soon began to sell the major brands of cameras and photographic goods. In our community we are still known as one of the best places to bring your camera in for service. We have built a reputation for great prices on the latest technology ou

r industry has to offer and we provide excellent customer service as well. Our sales staff are all seasoned photographers who know the craft and technology of photography. We jumped into the Internet early on and we have built a catalog of literally thousands of items that we sell at discount prices, most with free standard shipping. Some products and packages are ours exclusively and we do import some very hard to find items from around the world. We also sell on eBay as MPCFoto and on Amazon as Mel Pierce Camera. We have embraced the digital photography age but are also working to keep some legacy products such and film and Instant Photography in stock for the enthusiast.


5645 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA

Opening Hours

Monday 9am - 6pm
Tuesday 9am - 6pm
Wednesday 9am - 6pm
Thursday 9am - 6pm
Friday 9am - 6pm
Saturday 10am - 5pm


(800) 450-7468


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Hello. Having problems sending an email via the website so copying my message here:

Hello. Can you ship this Impossible yellow & black duochrome film to UK (London):

Product ID: 9120066081575
Manufacturer: Impossible Project

If so, how much would shipping be?

Many thanks, Ian (email: [email protected])
I sent a Fuji GS645S to Mel Pierce Camera for repair. I've purchased film off of this company on ebay and never had any problems! Looking forward to review of their performance concerning this repair. This is one of my favorite medium format street cameras!
I also fell victim to a fake product scam on Amazon yesterday through Mel Pierce Camera as a third party reseller. However, in the morning hours of Oct 24, virtually all their feedback was positive. While I not absolving them of responsibility, it seems clear that their Amazon account was hacked. It doesn't seem logical that they would be a generally respected and honest vendor until yesterday, and then turn overnight into a scam.
Great place to purchase photo supplies, and equipment.
amazingly quick delivery!
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I am waiting for your reply
Thank you.


9402 80th Street,
Suite-2nd Floor (Entrance on Atlantic Ave side)
Ozone Park NY 11416
E-mail:[email protected]

Offshore Office

Email:- [email protected]
skype:- onlineprojectjob +8801738652652
Uttor balubari,Dinajpur,
Thank you Fujifilm Cameras, Mel Pierce Camera and Samy's Camera LA for donating over 600 film for our annual Thanksgiving Celebration event on skid row!

It was great to see the smiles on their faces as they were able to take with them a piece of holiday cheer!
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I'm wondering if you do discounts on large lots? I'm looking to buy and entire case (60 packs) of fp100c and I wanted to know how I can get the best deal. The going rate at most major retailers is $8.99 a pack or $539 for a case. Anyway I can get a case down to $500 or so?
I want to thank everyone who donated film for my Haiti project. Big thanks to for setting up a way for people to donate and to who will be handling the developing for this project. You are looking at 25 rolls of , 24 rolls of , 20 rolls of and 32 twin packs of film.