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William Toti Photography Creative but not surreal, slightly impressionistic, yet realistic and vivid enough that viewers are able to immerse themselves in the image.

William Toti is a landscape and fine arts photographer based in Leesburg, Virginia, USA. His goal is to find a unique perspective for what might otherwise be common themes— creative but not surreal, slightly impressionistic, yet realistic and vivid enough that viewers are able to immerse themselves in the image.

William Toti is a fine art landscape photographer based in Leesburg, Virginia. He is rep'd by Getty Images. Stylistically, he seeks a unique photographic perspective, even for images with common or familiar themes. He searches for that fine line in a photo-- creative, even slightly surreal, yet vivid enough to reach out and touch. His work has been published internationally, including in Landscape Photographer, Nikon Asia, and N-Photo Magazines, and some of his best African images were published in the book "Safari!," available on Amazon.com.

In June

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Styled Shoot at North Point Plantation | Designed by Amelia Lawrence Weddings, Filmed by Wolfcrest Photography

Greenland Tranquility

Sneak peek of a few of my photos from Greenland. Should have the rest posted in a couple of weeks.

William Toti Photography teaser for photos taken September 2018 in Greenland


Why I’m walking away from #DJI Drones

In the 80s there was this American comedian named Sam Kinison, who decided to use an African famine to advance his comedy career by shouting “Of course you don’t have any food! You live in a desert! Move to where the food is!” (Sam’s schtick was to scream out his comedy routine. While he could sometimes be very funny, it did not turn out well for him.)

I was reminded of Sam recently when I reached out to #DJI for help on an issue I had with their flagship #Phantom4 Pro+ drone while shooting in the wilderness of Greenland. At one point, halfway into my trip, the drone’s controller app rebooted, kicking me out, and requiring me to log back onto their web server before I could fly the drone. Since I was a hundred miles from the nearest cell service or internet, logging onto their server was not an option. I had lugged this drone thousands of miles to get to that point on earth, and when I needed it to fly, my lack of internet connectivity was preventing me from doing so. The drone was now a $2000 paperweight. A day later, the same thing happened to one of other guys’ DJI Phantom 4. So two drones in two days go down with the same problem.

When I did get back to civilization, I reached out to #DJI, asking them how we could have avoided this situation. Their response: “go to where there is internet and log back on.” I told them doing so was not an option, that they had a bug in their app that forced the reboot/logon that they needed to fix, or conversely, they needed a “wilderness mode” built into their app so people could fly where there was no internet. In short, I said, “fix it!”

The response of the customer support rep in mangled English: “Of course your drone don’t work! Move to where the internet is!” A Chinese Sam Kinison, telling me to “Move to where the food is!”

In other words, they don’t care. #DJI is perfectly happy dominating the market and making tons of money. They remind me of my time in the military: “If you needed that feature, we would have issued it to you.” We haven’t given you a “wilderness mode,” so obviously you don’t need one.

So that’s it. I’m done with DJI. Haven’t figured out who their most capable competitor is, but in the future, that’s who I will be using.

William Toti Photography


An amusing anecdote....

A few years ago an author named Mark Frost reached out to me asking if he could license one of my photos. I agreed, setting a price that in retrospect was too low. It happens.

The book was going to be connected to a cult classic TV show called "Twin Peaks," a David Lynch series. I was familiar with the show, had never watched it, but knew it to be virulently popular with a certain demographic.

The book came out maybe two years ago, "The Secret History of Twin Peaks." My photo was on the inner jacket, one of many fictional "clues" provided in the book to lead readers to solve the mystery of the the murder of the a character named Laura Palmer.

Of course, most people realize the show and the book are mere works of fiction.

Most people.

But every now and then I will have somebody reach out to me via
some means, my page, Linked In, however, asking for the location of my photo, because they are hot on the trail of Laura's killer.

It's fiction, people.

Or is it?

Come fire walk for me, will you?

Life on Earth: Antarctica

Video slideshow of my photos from Antarctica. Will original music by Adam Robertson:

Video slideshow of photographs taken in Antarctica, December 2017, by William Toti (williamtotiphotography.com). Original music used with permission by Adam ...


Yesterday I posted one of my solar eclipse shots taken with my Nikon D5. Today I hear that NASA just ordered 53 Nikon D5 cameras. Coincidence? You tell me!

Noted landscape and fine art photographer Guy Tal must have felt the same compulsion I did to take on the "photography a...
Free Content • Landscape Photography as a Fine Art – Exclusive article by Guy Tal

Noted landscape and fine art photographer Guy Tal must have felt the same compulsion I did to take on the "photography as fine art" issue. His take was published in this month's Landscape Photographer magazine, and can be read here. Needless to say, he has a similar viewpoint as mine:

Article written by Guy Tal on inspirations and philosophy in outdoor and landscape photography as a fine art.

Cooley Gallery announcement for my show this month

Cooley Gallery announcement for my show this month

BIO Rodger Schultz (b. 1970) is a rising and globally collected Professional Fine Artist from Washington D.C. Expanding on a prosperous career in Illustration and Iconography, the breadth and...


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